Catalogueof Microfilm of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts (Vol.I I)

Maulana Azad Library Aligarh Muslim University - India

b)List of the Authors, Compileers and exegelists

c)List of the Titles,subjectwise

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Dastur ol-Amal
دستور العمل‌
MC No.:- 62/4Subject:- Fables
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 49
Author:- Hamid ollah ben Mawlavi Hemayat ollah Kashmiri
Scribe:- Gholam Ahmad
D/o. Inscription:- 1313 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 15 Folios:- 8Language:- Persian
Beginning:- حمد و نعت‌ احمد را تواند نقش‌ بست‌ة‌ كي‌ بامداد مداد و دستگيريهاي‌ دست‌ خام
Remarks:- It contains some counselling fables, the author wrote for his sons inthe year 1244 A.H.

Tarikh-e Fat-h-e Kanagrah = Shesh Fat-h-e Kangrah =
Zafar Nama-ye Kangarah
تاريخ‌ فتح‌ كانگره‌ = شش‌ فتح‌ كانگره‌ = ظفر نامة‌ كانگره‌
MC No.:- 62/5Subject:- History
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 3
Author:- Mirza Jalal Tabatabai Isfahani (d. before 1083 A.H./1636 A.D.)
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 47Language:- Persian
Beginning:- حضرت‌ حكيم‌ علي‌ الاطلاق‌ جل‌ّ جلاله‌ در ازل‌ آزال‌... از آنكه‌ كاركنان‌ ديوان‌ جلال‌...

Raqam-e Karaem = Shoqqahjat-e Alamgiri
رقائم‌ كرايم‌ = شقه‌جات‌ عالمگيري‌
MC No.:- 62/6Subject:- Correspondence
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 19
Author:- Ashraf Khan Mir Muhammad Hussayni, pen named Moltafet Tattavi
D/o. Inscription:- 1120 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 32 Folios:- 32Language:- Persian
Beginning:-سخن‌ جانست‌ ديگر گفتگو جانا ز من‌ بشنو اگر هر لحظه‌ جان‌ تازه‌ مي‌خواهي‌ سخن‌ بشنو

Tarikh-e Kashmir
تاريخ‌ كشمير
MC No.:- 62/7Subject:- History
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 18
Author:- Narayan Kaul Ajez
D/o. Inscription:- 1255 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 13 Folios:- 113Language:- Persian
Beginning:- سپاس‌ بيرون‌ از مقياس‌ سزاوار جناب‌ پادشاهي‌ كه‌ پادشاهي‌ بخش‌ پادشاهان‌...
Remarks:- The author hailed from the nobles of Kashmir.It is the history ofKashmir from the ancient times till 1162 A.H./1710 A.D. and attributed to ShahAlam Bahadur (1119-1124 A.H.)

Bahr ol-Ferasat = Sharh-e Divan-e Hafez
بحر الفراست‌ = شرح‌ ديوان‌ حافظ‌
MC No.:- 62/8Subject:- Summary - poetical Collection
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 47
Author:- Obaydollah [Abdollah] ben Abd ol-Haq Afghan Kheshki Qosuri
(d. 1106 A.H./1695 A.D.)
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 19 Folios:- 437Language:- Persian
Beginning:- سپاس‌ عظمت‌ اساس‌ واحدي‌ را رسد كه‌ محمود است‌ به‌ جلال‌ ذات‌...
Remarks:- The ramaining part of this manuscript is enclosed with m.c. no. 63/1.Complicated and difficult hemistitches of the ghazals of Hafez have beenarranged alphabetically.

Tazkera-ye Pir Hassu Teli
تذكرة‌ پير حسّو تيلي‌
MC No.:- 63/2Subject:- Poetical Biography
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 29
Author:- Surat Singh
D/o. Inscription:- 1057 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 182Language:- Persian
شكر و سپاس‌ حضرت‌ خلاق‌ كن‌ فكان‌رزّاق‌ روح‌ پرور و فياض‌ انس‌ و جان‌
كردم‌ شروع‌ تذكرة‌ الشيخ‌ و الخدام‌در ذكر پير حسّو تيلي‌ ملك‌ نشان‌
Remarks:- Pir Hassu Teli was one of the well known Sufi during Jahangirs era. Itis a poetical biography consisting of three thousand couplets. It begins with thepraise of Almighty Allah and the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.). In the end he praisesShah Jahan and Pir Hassu Teli.

Selselat oz-Zahab
سلسلة‌ الذهب‌
MC No.:- 63/3Subject:- Poetey
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 14
Author:- Abd or-Rahman Jami (d. 897 A.H./1492 A.D.)
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 200Language:- Persian
Beginning:-لله الحمد قبل‌ كل‌ كلام‌ بصفات‌ الجلال‌ و الاكرام‌
Remarks:- This is the Sixth masnavi derived from the book entitled Haft AurangJami in three daftars, with spiritual and ethical training in the style of fables andtheir imagination written in 876 A.H.

Majmua-ye Rasael
مجموعة‌ رسائل‌
MC No.:- 63/4Subject:- Hinduism
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 28
Script:- Shekastah & Nastaliq Lines:- 10-12 Folios:- 146Language:- Persian
Remarks:- Consists 2 treatises as per explanation below:
1. Bayaz-e Motafarreqat by unkown87 Folios
بياض‌ متفرقات‌ از ناشناس‌
آغاز: نواب‌ حفظ‌ الله خان‌...
2. Translation of Atma Vilas Shankar Acharya by Monshi Ram Khoshabi60Folios
ترجمة‌ آتم‌ بلاس‌ شنكراچارچ‌ از منشي‌ رام‌ خوشابي‌
آغاز: اين‌ نسخه‌ايست‌ آتم‌ بلاس‌ بيدانست‌ سار از زبان‌ شنكراچارج‌...

Tazkerat ol-Awliya
تذكرة‌ الاولياء
MC No.:- 64/1Subject:- Biography
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 8
Author:- Shaykh Farid oddin Attar (d. 627 A.H./1230 A.D.)
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 348Language:- Persian
Beginning:- الحمد لله الجواد بافضل‌ انواع‌ النعماء المنّان‌ باشرف‌ اصناف‌ العطاء المحمود في‌...
Remarks:- The manuscript was written by the end of sixth Century A.H. or thebeginning of the 7th Century A.H., and describes the biographical sketches of 72spiritual heads«پيران‌»ie. in 72 chapters «باب‌»and every bab ie. chapter highlights the biographies of one each of them.

Sabe Sanabel
سبع‌ سنابل‌
MC No.:- 64/2Subject:- Sufism
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 2
Author:- Abd ol-Wahed Ebrahim Mazar-e Ali Belgerami (d. 627 A.H./1230 A.D.)
Scribe:- Muhammad Ghaws ben Muhammad Aqel
D/o. Inscription:- 1233 A.H.
Script:- Shekastah Nastaliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 207Language:- Persian
Beginning:- حمد خداونديرا كه‌ زنده‌ گردانيد اراضي‌ قلوب‌ بباران‌ عنايت‌ و بيرون‌ آورده‌...
Remarks:- The compilor has written this book in seven Sonbolasسنبله‌
1. Belief of Religions
2. Spiritual heads and their disciples
3. To adopt contentment and give up the world and fully devote to Allah theAlmighty.
4. Dervishes and their general behaviour.
5. Fear and hopefulness.
6. Reality of Pantheism and the existence of acquaintance and love.
7. Miscellania.

Noh Sepehr
نه‌ سپهر
MC No.:- 64/3Subject:- Poetry
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 12
Author:- Amir Khusraw Dehlavi (d. 725 A.H./1325 A.D.)
Scribe:- Meher Jaisi
D/o. Inscription:- 1946 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 13 Folios:- 122Language:- Persian
Beginning:- آنچه‌ دل‌... نقطش‌ كم‌ بود كي‌ بحد فكرت‌ مردم‌ بود
Remarks:- Damaged at both the ends. It abruptly starts with folio no. 10. Itcontains foot notes. It is a historical masnavi, and composed in the era ofQotboddin Mubarak Shah Khilji. (716-20 A.H./1316-20 A.D., in 718 A.H./1318A.D., and divided into 09 Sepehr «سپهر»and every Sepehr into one (Bahr)«بحر».

Hadiqat ol-Aqalim (Selection)
حديقة‌ الاقاليم‌ (انتخاب‌)
MC No.:- 65/1Subject:- Geography
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 1
Author:- Qazi Mortaza Hussayn Allah Yar Belgerami (d. 1208 A.H./1793-4 A.D.)
Scribe:- Rostam Ali
D/o. Inscription:- 1224 A.H.
Script:- Shekastah Nastaliq Lines:- 19 Folios:- 267Language:- Persian
Beginning:-در ذكر... ابوالبشر آدم‌ عليه‌ السلام‌... صلي‌الله چون‌ حق‌ تعالي‌...
Remarks:- This is a selection from «حديقة‌الاقاليم‌»Geography of Seven continents«هفت‌ اقليم‌»or «اقليم‌ سبع‌»and biography of the Great people.«بزرگان‌»

Tarikh-e Hasan (Vol. I)
تاريخ‌ حسن‌ (جلد اوّل‌)
MC No.:- 65/2Subject:- History
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 4
Author:- Hasan ben Abd or-Rasul Shirazi
D/o. Inscription:- 1313 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 184Language:- Persian
Beginning:-سرنامة‌ عنوان‌ سخن‌ و ديباچة‌ بيان‌ مدوّن‌ بطغراي‌ غرّاي‌ ستايش‌...
Remarks:- It is a history of Kashmir written in 1301 A.H. and consisting ofpreface and four chapters:
Preface: Highlights some of the conditions of the Heavens and the Innersecrets of the earth.
Chapter 1: Description of the Geography of Kashmir related individual andspecial quality and quantity of these conditions.
Chapter 2: Description of the successful Rajas and renowned Emperors.
Chapter 3: Description of the Religious Grandees«اوليا»and Holy Scholars «فضلاي‌ تقوي‌ شعار».
Chapter 4: Description of the poets of repute.

Taimur Namah
تيمور نامه‌
MC No.:- 65/3Subject:- History (Poetical)
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 6
Author:- Abd ollah Hatefi Jami (d. 927 A.H./1521 A.D.)
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 13 Folios:- 182Language:- Persian
Beginning:- بنام‌ خدائي‌ كه‌ فكر و خرد نيارد كه‌ در كنه‌ او پي‌برد
Remarks:- Dedicated to Sultan Hussayn Mirza Bayeqra (842-911 A.H.) Itconsists of forty thousand couplets composed in Bahr-e Motaqareb. It begins withpraise to Almighty Allah, the prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.) and the description ofProphets ascention «معراج‌» later, it refers to the appearance of the moon of kingsluck. The kings fights a war against Amir Hasan Governer of Balkh, the conquestof Balkh and despatchement his messenger to Khawarezm for the war and killing.All these happenings have nicely been rendered in the poetic form.

Panj Roqah
پنج‌ رقعه‌
MC No.:- 65/4Subject:- Correspondence
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 16
Author:- Nur oddin Muhammad Zohuri Torshizi (d. 1025 or 1026 A.H.)
Scribe:- Shaykh Aman ollah
D/o. Inscription:- 10th Accession Ceremony of Akbar Shah Gorgani
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 11 Folios:- 20Language:- Persian
Beginning:-شهيد تبسم‌ ديت‌ عشوة‌ خونبها، مقتول‌ رنگين‌ مطالب‌ شيرين‌ مدّعا...
Remarks:- It is a collection of five letters. The author has shown his entire abilityin writing these letters. Later the letters have been reproduced with the form of amasnavi, and has been adopted for learning the practical essay writing.

Masnavi-ye Hosn -o- Eshq
مثنوي‌ حسن‌ و عشق‌
MC No.:- 65/5Subject:- Fables
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 17
Author:- Nur oddin Muhammad Shirazi known as Nemat Khan Ali (d. 1122 A.H./
1710 A.D.)
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 13 Folios:- 15Language:- Persian
Beginning:-حديث‌ عشق‌ شد زيب‌ بيانم‌ چو شمع‌ افتاد آتش‌ بر زبانم‌
Remarks:- This has been writing about beauty and love as well as body andsoul in the form of story. The poetry is mixed with prose of Sufistic style.

Maktubat-e Ashrafiyah = Maktubat-e Ashrafi
مكتوبات‌ اشرفيّه‌ = مكتوبات‌ اشرفي‌
MC No.:- 66/1Subject:- Sufism
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 27
Author:- Abd or-Razzaq Hasani Hussayni Samnani Jilani (Compilor)
Scribe:- Morad Ashraf Ashrafi
D/o. Inscription:- 1117 A.H.
Script:- Naskh Lines:- 17 Folios:- 307Language:- Persian
Beginning:-الحمد لله الذي‌ كتب‌ آيات‌ الوجود علي‌ صحايف‌ الانفس‌ و الا´فاق‌ و رتّب‌...
Remarks:- It consists of the letters of his spiritual head Sayyed Ashraf JahangirSemnani (died in 808 A.H./1405 A.D.). It was collected by the compilor in 869A.H./1465 A.D.)

Baharestan = Sharh-e Golestan
بهارستان‌ = شرح‌ گلستان‌
MC No.:- 66/2Subject:- Fables
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 21
Author:- Muhammad Nur ollah Ahrari Dehlavi (d. 1073 A.H./1663-2 A.D.)
Scribe:- Sadr oddin
D/o. Inscription:- 1096 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 17 Folios:- 200Language:- Persian
Beginning:-... در وي‌ گفت‌ فراموش‌ كردم‌ گفت‌ جزاي‌ تو چيست‌ و بتو چه‌ بايد كرد...
Remarks:- He has written in the preface that some changes and alterationswere made in Golistan with the passage of time. I consulted a number ofmanuscripts and wrote commentary, footnotes and side notes in order to explainthe ambiguous points. Since the calligraphy of those explanations were difficult tocomprehend, I have presented them in this form.

Tohfat ol-Ahrar
تحفة‌ الاحرار
MC No.:- 66/3Subject:- Poetry
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 7
Author:- Abd or-Rahman Jami (d. 897 A.H./1492 A.D.)
D/o. Inscription:- 891 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 15 Folios:- 58Language:- Persian
Beginning:-...حكيم‌ گرامي‌ شيخ‌ نظامي‌ انتظامش‌ دهند يا در...
Remarks:- Damaged at the beginning. This is one of his Masnavis from HaftAurang written in Twenty Essays. It emphasizes Sufistic
«مطالب‌ عرفاني‌»and ethical approach in«بحر سريع‌»style, as «مخزن‌الاسرار»by NezamiGanjavi and Matla ol-Anvar by Amir Khusraw Dehlavi fall in this category. HaftAurang was completed in the year 886 A.H.

Tawqiat-e Kesra
توقيعات‌ كسري‌'
MC No.:- 66/4Subject:- Ethics
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 15
Author:- Jalal oddin Muhammad Tabatabai Isfahani Qahpai
Zawwara-i known as Mirza Jalala
D/o. Inscription:- 1139 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 14 Folios:- 60Language:- Persian
Beginning:-الحمد لله الذي‌ ربط‌ سلسلة‌ نظام‌العالم‌ بسياست‌ رياست‌ الانسان‌...
Remarks:- The above mentioned person travelled in India in the year 1044 A.H.and came to the court of Prince Murad Bakhsh (d. 1072 A.H./1662 A.D.) He heldthe position of Historigrapher in the court of Shah Jahan (1037-68 A.H.) and in thecourt of Murad Bakhsh in the year 1062 A.H./ 1652 A.D. translated the bookentitled Dastur Nama-ye Kesra from Arabic into Persian language. It consists ofthe style of 173 Questiions Answers on the functioning of the regimesadministrative, civil and military style and customs and the way of life of thepeople.

Adab-e Alamgiri
آداب‌ عالمگيري‌
MC No.:- 67/1Subject:- Correspondence
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 20(B)
Author:- Monshi Abol Fat-h, entitled as Qabel Khan (d. 1073 A.H./1663 A.D.)
Scribe:- Monna Ram
D/o. Inscription:- 1216 A.H.
Script:- Shekastah Nastaliq Lines:- 25 Folios:- 326Language:- Persian
Beginning:-خداوند عليم‌ حكيم‌ خرد بخش‌ سخن‌ آفرين‌ را بكدام‌ مرتبة‌ سخنوري‌ ستايش‌ كنم‌...
Remarks:- These are the letters of Emperor Aurangzib written by the SecretaryMonshi Abol Fath known as Qabel Khan. And after the death of Aurangzib,Muhammad Sadeq Mottalebi Ambalavi (d. 1129 A.H./1716 A.D., the scripts werecompiled in the year 1115 A.H./1703 A.D. and the letters which were writtenduring the period of Prince Muhammad Akbar also added. A preface to it waswritten and entitled as
«آداب‌ عالمگيري‌»

Ensha-e Taher Wahid
انشاء طاهر وحيد
MC No.:- 67/2Subject:- Correspondence
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 20(A)
Author:- Mirza Muhammad Taher Wahid Qazvini (1112 A.H./1700 A.D.)
Scribe:- Munna Ram
D/o. Inscription:- 1217 A.H.
Script:- Shekastah Nastaliq Lines:- 25 Folios:- 108Language:- Persian
Beginning:-مكتوبي‌ كه‌ مصحوب‌ امارت‌ پناه‌ كلب‌ علي‌ سلطان‌ بخواندكار روم‌ فرستاده‌ شده‌...انامل‌
تقديم‌ محمدت‌ قديمي‌ مفتاح‌ گنجينة‌ مقال‌ تواند بود...
Remarks:- Correspondence and letters written mostly by Safavid kings toemperor Shah Jahan (1037-1068 A.H.) and the Prince and nobles of that reignespecially Indians. This manuscript consists of regal orders, conquest letters andGovernment awards, and the prefaces which he himself written on the book.

Fawaed ol-Foad
فوائد الفؤاد
MC No.:- 67/3Subject:- Sufism
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 33
Author:- Najm oddin Amir Hasan ben Ala Sajzi Cheshti (d. 736 A.H./1336 A.D.)
Scribe:- Sayyed Enayat ollah ben Sayyed Ahmad Balkhi
D/o. Inscription:- 710 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 19 Folios:- 194Language:- Persian
Beginning:-اين‌ جواهر غيبي‌ و اين‌ زواهر لاريبي‌ از خزاين‌ تلقين‌ و نهانخانة‌ يقين‌ خواجة‌ راستين‌...
Remarks:- Sayings and speeches«مقامات‌ و سخنان‌ پير»of his پيرHazrat Nezam oddin Awliya, who dictated to his disciples during a period of 14 years, (707A.H./1308 A.D.) arranged in chronological order and compiled, and every majles«مجلس‌»started with a date.

Majma ol-Bahrayn
مجمع‌ البحرين‌
MC No.:- 67/4Subject:- Beliefs/Articles of faith
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 32
Author:- Muhammad Dara Shokoh (d. 1069 A.H.)
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 15 Folios:- 16Language:- Persian
Beginning:-بنام‌ آنكه‌ او نامي‌ ندارد بهرنامي‌ كه‌ خواني‌ سربرآرد
Remarks:- When he was 42 years old in 1065 A.H./1655 A.D. he suggested toreconcile the Sufistic thoughts of Hindus and Muslims under the contents asfollows:
Element«عناصر», the five senses«حواس‌ خمسه‌», Praise of God«اذكار» ,A guard of spirit«پاس‌ انفاس‌», Attribution to the Almighty«صفات‌ باري‌», Soul«روح‌»,Winds«بادها», Four worlds«عوالم‌ اربعه‌», Divine lights«نورالهي‌», Appearance of theGod«رؤيت‌ الهي‌», Names of the Almighty«اسماء الله», the world of spirits«عالم‌ ارواح‌»,Divinity«الوهيت‌», Prophethood and mystical holiness«نبوّت‌ و ولايت‌», Brahma«برهما», Surface of the Heavens«جهات‌ آسمان‌», Earth«زمين‌», the universe«عالم‌»,Limbo«برزخ‌», The day of resurrection«رستاخيز», Day and night«روز و شب‌»,Emergence of the bellies for unlimited ages
«ظهور و بطون‌ و بي‌نهايتي‌ ادوار».

Tohfat ol-Momenin
MC No.:- 68/1Subject:- Medicine
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 25
Author:- Hakim Muhammad Momen ben Muhammad Zaman Hussayni
Tankabani Daylami
Scribe:- Shaykh Kali
D/o. Inscription:- 1130 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 23 Folios:- 333Language:- Persian
Beginning:-سبحانك‌ اللهم‌ يا قدّوس‌ و يا طبيب‌ النّفوس‌ اتمم‌ لنا انوار معرفتك‌...
Remarks:- This manuscript was written during the reign of Shah SolaymanSafavi in the year 1077 or 1078 A.H. in five«تشخيص‌»and few parts «فصل‌»and 24chapters«باب‌»:
Diagnosis 1. Power and energy of drinks and medicines anddifferences of opinions of physicians over it. 2. Peculiarity and quality of simpleand compound medicines, diet, simple and compound.
3. Essence and qualities of medicines, simple and compound. 4.Remedies oftranquilizers 5.Weights.

Akbar Namah
اكبر نامه‌
MC No.:- 68/2Subject:- History
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 31
Author:- Abol Fazl Allami ben Mobarak Nagori (d. 1011 A.H./1603 A.D.)
Script:- Nastaliq & Shekastah Lines:- 21 Folios:- 287Language:- Persian
Beginning:-... نمي‌ پيوست‌ تا آنكه‌ بر پيشگاه‌ خاطر اخلاص‌ مظاهر چنين‌ جلوه‌ دادند كه‌ درين‌...
Remarks:- Damaged at both the ends.

Lobb ot-Tawarikh-e Hend
لب‌ّ التواريخ‌ هند
MC No.:- 68/3Subject:- History
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 30
Author:- Bindraban ben Rai Bhara Mal
D/o. Inscription:- 1101 A.H.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 19 Folios:- 172Language:- Persian
Beginning:-پادشاهي‌ بيزوال‌ مر خداي‌ راست‌ جل‌ّ جلاله‌ و عم‌ّ نواله‌...
Remarks:- Remaining part with m.c. no. 69/1. This is general history of India,from the reign of Shehaboddin Ghauri upto 38th. accession ceremony of EmperorAurangzib written in 1106 A.H./1694 A.D. in 10 chapters«فصل‌»:
Chapter 1. Kings of Delhi. 2. Rulers of Deccan. 3. Kings of Gujarat. 4.Rulers of Malwa and Mandu 5. Faruqis of Khandes and Burhanpur 6. Kings ofBengal. 7. Kings of Eastern Jaunpur 8. Rulers of Sind.
9. Kings of Kashmir.

Tarikh-e Sadr-e Jahan = Tarikh-e Mahmud Shahi
تاريخ‌ صدر جهان‌ = تاريخ‌ محمود شاهي‌
MC No.:- 69/2Subject:- History
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 22
Author:- Fayz ollah Bonyani Gujarati Sadr-e Jahan
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 20 Folios:- 390Language:- Persian
Beginning:-در ذكر انبيا و رسل‌ و پادشاهاني‌ كه‌ پيش‌ از اسلام‌ بودند و آن‌ مشتمل‌ است‌...
Remarks:- This is general history from its beginning and later period of India.The author says that in the year 907 A.H./1501-2 A.D., he was holding the post ofAmbassador of Bidar, on behalf of Mahmud Shah Gujarati (863-917 A.H.). And inthe said duration of period, he wrote this book, and attributed to him with fourparts «چهار قسم‌»and a conclusion«خاتمه‌» :
Part No. 1. In two sects: i)Prophets from Hazrat-e Adam (A) till the advent of Islam.ii)Kings of the period prior to Islam, Peshdadis, Kiyanis, Ashkanis and Sasanids.
Part No. 2. First four Caliphs of Islam, Ummavids and Abbasids Clans.
Part No. 3. Kings of Post-Islam, Saffaris, Samanids, Daylmis, Ghaznavids,Saljuqis, Khwarezmshahis, Egypt, Syria and Esmailis
Part No. 4. General History of India, After Islam upto Muhammad Shah benMobarak ben Khidr Khan and kings of Delhi (837-847 A.H.) and lastly biographiesof ministers, nobles, philosophers and astrologers, etc.

Negar Nama-ye Monshi
نگار نامة‌ منشي‌
MC No.:- 69/3Subject:- Correspondence
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 36
Author:- Malek Lal Chand, pen named Monshi, known as Malek Zadeh Moltani
(alive in 1081 A.H.)
Scribe:- Kerpa Ram ben Lal Singh
D/o. Inscription:- 1903 A.H.
Script:- Shekastah Nastaliq Lines:- 19 Folios:- 189Language:- Persian
Beginning:-منشي‌ حكمت‌ كاملة‌ ايزدي‌، چون‌ بارادت‌ ازلي‌ به‌ انشاي‌ صحيفة‌ شريفة‌ كائنات‌ پرداخت‌...
Remarks:- It consists of a preface and two chapters. The preface deals with niceprose writings and the renowned writers or secretaries.
Chapter No.1. He has written his suggestions and proposals, which he madeduring the period of his employment with the courts of Soltan and kings inchoronological order. It includes letters of Princess and high ranking officers.
Chapter No.2. Samples of the writings of other known secretaries like Royaldecrees, communique appeals and applications and other types of letters.

Ahval-e Rawza-ye Taj Mahal va Bano Begum Mumtaz Mahal
احوال‌ روضة‌ تاج‌ محل‌ و بانو بيگم‌ ممتاز محل‌
MC No.:- 69/4Subject:- History
Liby. S.No.:- Mss. 41
Author:- Momtaz Ali Mirza Beg
Scribe:- Mirza Amir Beg
D/o. Inscription:- 1269 A.H./1853 A.D.
Script:- Nastaliq Lines:- 9 Folios:- 52Language:- Persian
Beginning:-خلاصة‌ احوال‌ بانو بيگم‌ مخاطب‌ به‌ ممتاز محل‌ عرف‌ تاج‌ بي‌بي‌ بنت‌ نوّاب‌ آصف‌ خان‌ ولد
Remarks:- This is regarding the salient features of Taj Mahal in Agra city. It alsocontains the story of Mumtaz Begum (1000-1040 A.D.) the daughter of NawwabAsef Khan and the wife of king Shahjahan.

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