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Khayalatu'l Ushshaque : Risalah-e- HaihatHaihat

خيالات‌ العشاق‌ : رسالة‌ هيهات‌ هيهات‌

MC No:- 38/9Subject:- Sufism

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh          Lines:- 19           Folios:- 33Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الله لا اله‌ الا هو و درود بيحد بران‌ ظهور كه‌ شهود ذات‌ و مقصود صفات‌ است‌...

Remarks:- It is mystical saying about unity of being and reality ofMuhammad (P.B.U.H.) with the headings. In no wayهيهات‌هيهات‌that has been written prose mixed with verse and in the beginning it is stated in such a wayهيهات‌ هيهات‌who perished in the dusts came out in attributs after that everyexistance came in the world of manifestation. Because when itwent out of the scene it came again in existance so whatthere it is there of and reality of Muhammad is there and onthis place nobody reached even from his followers.



Rawayah fi Halle Kalamatu'l Lawaih :

Sharh-e- Lawa'ih

روايح‌ في‌ حل‌ّ كلمات‌ اللوايح‌ : شرح‌ لوايح‌

MC No:- 44/5Subject:- Sufism

Author:-          Muhammad Sharif bin Nizamu'ddin Ahmad Harawi

Scribe:-          Muhammad Akbar

D/o. Inscription:-          1184 A.H.

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh          Lines:- 15           Folios:- 92Language:- Persian

Beginning:-اللهم‌ نعوذبك‌ بعفوك‌ من‌ عقابك‌ و نعوذ برضاك‌ من‌ سختك‌ و نعوذبك‌منك‌ لااحصي‌ ثناء عليك‌...

Remarks:-    This is a commentary on Jami's Lawa'ih. Jami's Lawa'ih is inthe last eight pages along with an appendix.



Sahaefu'l Ma`arefat (Translation)

صحائف‌ المعرفة‌ (ترجمه‌)

MC No:- 36/5Subject:- Sufism

Author:-          Abu `Abdullah Razaq bin Ahmad al Razi al_Muqri

Script:-Nastaliq,Shekastah  Lines:-varied Folios:-17          Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الذي‌ لا اله‌ الا هو الاول‌ بالازلية‌ والآخر بالابدية‌ والباطن‌بالاحدية‌... امابعد مي‌نمايد خاكسار بدكردار به‌ فضل‌ حق‌ اميدوار...

Remarks:-    This work comprises of one "Muqaddamah" and three"Sahifah" about travel, intellect, mystical meaming and soul.



Majmuh_e_ Rasa'il

مجموعة‌ رسائل‌

MC No:- 37/3Subject:- Sufism

Script:- Nastaliq                  Lines:- 12                Folios:- 38Language:- Persian

Remarks:-    There are four letters in this collection according to theirdescription mentioned below:-

                   1:     A letter in answer to Shaikh `Abdul Haque Muhaddis Dehlavifrom `Abdullah who was famous as Shah Ghulam `Ali 25pages.

Beginning:-بعد حمد و صلوة‌ فقير عبدالله معروف‌ غلام‌ علي‌ عفي‌ عنه‌ كه‌ كمترين‌منسوبان‌ خاندان‌...

                   2:     An unidentified letter 4 pages.

Beginning:-بدانكه‌ حضرت‌ امام‌ ربّاني‌ مجدد الف‌ ثاني‌ رضي‌ الله عنه‌ و تابعين‌ ايشان‌...

                   3:     An unidentified letter (about pledge of allegiance (bai'at) 6pages.

Beginning:-بعد حمد و صلوة‌ در يابند كه‌ بيعت‌ بمعني‌ عهد كردن‌ است‌ و استوار بودن‌...

                   4:     An unidentified letter (from the letters of Hadrat Mujaddidalf_e_ sani) 2 pages.

Beginning:-در مكتوب‌ صدو بيست‌ سيوم‌ حضرت‌ مجدد الف‌ ثاني‌ از جلد اوّل‌ مكتوبات‌...


Mir'atu'l `Ashiqin

مرآة‌ العاشقين‌

MC No:- 34/6Subject:- Sufism

Author:-          Muhammad Wafa

Script:- Nastaliq                  Lines:- varied           Folios:- 15Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله رب‌ العالمين‌ والصلوة‌ والسلام‌ علي‌ رسوله‌ محمّد و آله‌ و اصحابه‌اجمعين‌ بعد هذا ميگويد ذرة‌ گرد راه‌ مصطفي‌...

Remarks:-    This is a work about the (mystical) path and travels, unveilingof reality, manifestations of the divine actions (Af'at) attributes(Sifat) and substance (Zat), and about the reality of ProphetMuhammad (Haqiqat_e_ Muhammadi).





MC No:- 38/11Subject:- Sufism

Scribe:-          Muhammad `Ali Sakin of Ahmadnagar

D/o. Inscription:-          1090 A.H.

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh          Lines:- 19           Folios:- 19Language:- Persian

Beginning:-...و از اينجاست‌ كه‌ مي‌گويند ملك‌ باتست‌ و ملكوت‌ باتست‌ جبروت‌باتست‌ و خداوند...



Maktubat_e_ `Abdu'l Qadir Gilani

مكتوبات‌ عبدالقادر گيلاني‌

MC No:- 38/8Subject:- Sufism

Author:-          `Ali bin Hasamu'ddin Muttaqi (d. 975 A.H./1567 A.D.)

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh          Lines:- 19           Folios:- 6Language:- Persian

Beginning:-مكتوبات‌ اوّل‌: اي‌ عزيز چون‌ برق‌ شهود از حدقة‌ غمام‌ فيض‌...

Remarks:-    These are eighteen letters written by Shaikh `Abdu'l QadirGilani which have been collected by Husamu'ddin. Thesehave been written in mixed prose verse with verses from theHoly Qurہn cited mystical matters, and as advice and counselwritten for the sufis have been compiled in the lettersmentioned below:-

                           (i) About divine attraction (ii) About the struggles exercisesresults of that (iii) About fear and hope (iv) About removal ofnegligence repentance (v) About the right belief, sincere heartand sound reason (10) Desire for the company of the virtuous(15) Perfection of knowledge and faith.



Manaqib_e_ Ghausiyah

مناقب‌ غوثيه‌

MC No:- 36/25Subject:- Sufism

Author:-          Muhammad Sadiq Shahabi Sadi Qadiri (who lived in the

                             beginning of Eleventh Century Hijri)

Script:- Nastaliq                  Lines:- 11                Folios:- 160Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الذي‌ جعل‌ كرامات‌ الولي‌ لخوارق‌ النبي‌... ميگويد بندة‌ ضعيف‌...فقير محمّد صادق‌ شهابي‌...

Remarks:-    Continued in microfilm no. 37/1. At the request of his teacher,`Abdu'l Qadir bin `Abdu'l Jalil Husani Husaini Gharibu'llah, theauthor has compiled the biography of `Abdu'l Qadir Jilani (d.470 A.H.), in Ahmadabad in one "Muqaddamah" and ninetyone "Manqabat":

                           (1) About the night of ascent of the Prophet Muhammad. (2)About the birth of `Abdu'l Qadir Jilani in 470 A.H. (3) Abouthis early circumstance. (4) His rank as a friend beloved ofGod (15) Delivering souls from the path of death (20) Aboutthe existance of Shaikh Shehabu'ddin (25) Manifestation ofsaint hood (30) The status (40) About the appearence of AlHasan Alaskandari Sajjadah (50) This prayers on the surfaceof water (60) About creation (70) Stories about merchantsand supplications (80) About the circumstance of fourShaikhs (89) Death and conclusion about "the nature ofsecret Namaz".



Nuzhatu'l Arwah

نزهة‌ الارواح‌

MC No:- 33/1Subject:- Sufism

Author:-          Husain bin `Alam Harawi (d. 719 A.H./1370 A.D.)

Script:- Nastaliq                  Lines:- 13                Folios:- 279Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله رب‌ العالمين‌ علي‌ كل‌ّ حال‌ و علي‌ كل‌ّ حين‌ والصلوة‌ والسلام‌...

Remarks:-    This work is composed in ornate prose mixed with verse intwenty-eight "Fasl".

                           (1) Beginning of the path (2) Path of gnosis (3) stations of thewayfarer (4) Counsel to the wayfarer (5) The beginning ofcreation (6) Unity of God (7) Solitude of the wayfarer (8) Thebasis of the mystical path (9) Wonders of contentinent (10)Initial disposition (11) Contrary circumstances (12) Affirmationof the heart (13) Purification the heart (14) Prelude to love.(15) Truths about love (16) Bewilderment of love (17)Affirmation of the soul (18) Addressing the soul (19)Transactions (20) Waging religious war strife (21)Companionship obedience (22) Remunciating the world (23)Patience consistancy (24) Unveiling of meaning (25) Speachon waking (26) Instructions for followers of the path (27) Theultimate of this way (28) Conclusion.



Nigaristan_e_ Musalman

نگارستان‌ مسلمان‌

MC No:- 34/9Subject:- Sufism

Author:-          Shah Muhammad Shu'aib Tajarawi

Script:- Nastaliq                  Lines:- 15                Folios:- 19Language:- Persian

Beginning:-ثناي‌ حضرت‌ خالق‌ انام‌ از لسان‌ اهل‌ كلام‌ و از ارقام‌ اقلام‌ مشك‌...

Remarks:-    Letters, notes and descourses on ethics and gnosis written insimple lucid by the author's teacher Mir Musalman bin `Abdu'lGhani Khan for his son Muhammad Yunus.




Wahdatu'sh Shuhud

وحدة‌ الشهود

MC No:- 38/7Subject:- Sufism

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh          Lines:- 19           Folios:- 7Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله رب‌ّ العالمين‌ و العاقبة‌ للمتقين‌...كه‌ در شان‌ اوست‌ و طير و جلوه‌اوست‌...

Remarks:-    The remaining part of this manuscript is in Microfilm no. 38/8.This work is about Wahdatush Shuhud and the essence andattributes, divirity and the absolute essence of  God  almightyand the reality of Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (Haqiqat_e_Muhammadi) (May God grant him peace salvation).





Pand Namah-e- `Ishq

پند نامة‌ عشق‌

Subject:- Ethics (Verse)

Author:-          Ghulam Nabi

Script:- Nastaliq                  Lines:- 15                Folios:- 12Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الهي‌ چو نامت‌ غفور الرحيم‌          حكيم‌ و كريم‌ قدير و عليم‌

Remarks:-    This is a masnavi on morality gnosis in the travelling on thepath of the God Almighty.



Darjatu'l `Ola

درجات‌ العلي‌

MC No:- 36/12Subject:- Ethics

Author:-          Muhammad Salim Dehlavi Bukhari

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh          Lines:- 29           Folios:- 3Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الملك‌ العلام‌... امابعد ميگويد...چونكه‌ در باب‌ فضل‌ اهل‌ كرم‌ علم‌آيات‌...

Remarks:-    This work is about the Qurہnic verses Prophet traditionswhich have been stated for the "Fazl-e- Ahl_e_ Karam wa `Ilm"but have often been ignored by the common people.



`Ainu'l `Ilm

عين‌ العلم‌

MC No:- 33/3Subject:- Ethics

Script:- Naskh           Lines:- 11                Folios:- 197Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-...و اتحفت‌ به‌ الفرع‌ العلي‌ من‌ الاصل‌...فصن‌ السني‌ من‌ الشجرة‌ الحسيني‌ ارفع‌...

Remarks:-    The first two pages are missing. These are notings in themargin with text by Muhammad bin `Usman bin `Umar Balkhi(d. 850 A.H/1427 A.D.). Probably this is an abridged versionof Ghazali's Ahyau'l `Ulum.





MC No:- 38/6Subject:- Ethics

Author:-          `Abdur Rahman Jami (d. 898 A.H./1492 A.D.)

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh          Lines:- 18           Folios:- 14Language:- Persian

Beginning:-لا احصي‌ ثناء عليك‌ كيف‌ و كل‌ ثناء يعود اليك‌ جل‌ عن‌ ثناء... خداونداسپاس‌ تو بر زبان‌...

Remarks:-    This work is about the hodyre and delicacy of the soul (spirit),God and unity of existence in rhythemic prose with "ruba'iha"with a heading "la'iha". It is said that this book was dedicatedto King Qrah Quenlu Tarkaman (841-871 A.H.) who ruled inAraq, Hamdan and Azarbaejan.



Munajat-e- Khwajah `Abdu'llah

مناجات‌ خواجه‌ عبدالله

MC No:- 34/5Subject:- Ethics (Poetics)

Author:-    Khwajah `Abdu'llah Ansari (d. 481 A.H./1089 A.D.)

Script:- Nastaliq     Lines:- 10     Folios:- 14Language:- Persian

Beginning:-اي‌ زدرت‌ بي‌ دلان‌ رابوي‌ در مان‌ آمده‌            ياد تو مر عاشقان‌ را مونس‌ جان‌ آمده‌




Mansur Namah : Hallaj Namah

منصور نامه‌ : حلاج‌ نامه‌

MC No:- 34/4Subject:- Ethics (Poetics)

Author:-    Ascribed to Faridu'ddin `Attar Nishapuri (d. 427 A.H./ 1230 A.D).

Scribe:-    Muhammad Yunus

Script:- Nastaliq     Lines:- varied      Folios:- 9Language:- Persian

Beginning:-بود منصورِ عجب‌ شوريده‌ حال‌              در ره‌ِ تحقيق‌ او را صد كمال‌

Remarks:- A mathnavi of mysticism in which uniquness of religion andrule of life and sayings of great sufies about Mansoor havebeen written some parts of this mathnavi is considered tobelong to Attar Tuni (of 9th Century).



Mawaridu'l Kalam

موارد الكلام‌

MC No:- 29/4Subject:- Ethics

Author:-    Abu'l Faiz Faizi bin Mubarak (d. 1004 A.H.)

Script:- Naskh      Lines:- 13     Folios:- 60Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-بعد الحمد...الكلام‌ الصاعد و هو المحمود اوّلاً الحامد ما وحده‌ موحّد الاّ هووالله...

Remarks:-    This work is without dots. Letters have been gathered thoseare devoid dotted letters and it has been written in fifty oneinstaces.موارد

                           (1) Of Islam (2) Qurہn (3) Knowledge of Qurہn (5)Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) (10) Kings (15)مورد الروع‌(20) Ahmad (30) Hapiness (40)مورد الكدح‌(50) مورد ملوك‌ الكلام‌(51) مورد.السام‌





Afzalu'l Fawa'ed : Malfuzat

Nizamu'ddin Awliya'

افضل‌ الفوائد : ملفوظات‌ نظام‌ الدّين‌ اولياء

MC No:- 30/3Subject:- Aphorisms

Author:-    Amir Khusrau Dehlavi (d. 725 A.H.)

D/o. Inscription:-    1288 A.H.

Script:- Nastaliq     Lines:- 13     Folios:- 209Language:- Persian

Beginning:-اين‌ گوهر گنج‌ علوم‌ غيبي‌ و اين‌ دُر آثار زواهر لاريبي‌ از خزانة‌ دل‌ خواجة‌راستين‌ ملك‌ المشايخ‌ و الارضين‌...

Remarks:-    This is a collection of discourses of Nizamu'ddin Awliya whichhave been compiled chronologically. As he writes.

                           ... آنچه‌ از زبان‌ آن‌ شمع‌ جمع‌ ملكوت‌ از عين‌ لفظ‌ ايشان‌ و معاني‌ كه‌ بسمع‌رسيّد بقدر فهم‌ خود درين‌ مجموعه‌ كه‌ نام‌ اوست‌ افضل‌ الفوايد نبشته‌ آمد.



Halwa_e_  Zahur (Malfuzat Shah

Zahur Muhammad Husain Alahabadi

                           حلواي‌ ظهور (ملفوظات‌ شاه‌ ظهور محمّد حسيني‌ اله‌ آبادي‌)

MC No:- 34/13Subject:- Aphorisms

Author:-    Nur Muhammad also known as Nadir `Ali (d. 1145 A.H.)

Script:- Nastaliq Shekasteh    Lines:- 15     Folios:- 127Language:- Persian

Beginning:-ستايش‌ و نياش‌ بيحد مرذاتي‌ راكه‌ جميع‌ صفات‌ عالم‌ مخلوقات‌ بود...

Remarks:-    Continued in microfilm no. 35/1. This work comprises of 27"Bab": 1: About repentance and forgiveness 2: About thecontempt of the world 3: About renouncing the world 4: Aboutsubmission to God (Islam) belief (Iman) 5: Schools of religion6: Description of allegience 7: Attributes of the guide (pir) 8:The memer of pledgeng allegiance 9: Morals of serertide 10:Conduct of a pir 11: Belief confidence in the belief 12: Aboutmorals which are attained in the company of the pir 13: Aboutthe circumstance conditions of the desciples. 14: About theapparent actions 15: Prayers for the want of predestinationamulets for repelltion of infirmities evil 16: About therepetation of the name of the supreme being (azkar)occupations (ashghal) 17: About mortification computationproscribing thought 18: About contemplation (tasawwur) 19:About gnosis of heart (Ma'arift_e_ dil) unvciling in graves(kashf_e_ qabur) 20: About the gnosis and stages of divineessence (zat) divine attributes (siffat) conspicuans attributescontemplation of the essence 21: About love 22: Aboutaudition (sama) 23: About in abberated sayings (satyiyat) 24:About the virtues of mendicancy of some of the elders(buzurgan) 25: About passing poverty 26: About theconditions of some greatmen 27: About miscellaneousmatters 28: About seeking forgiveness.



Malfuzat-e- Shah `Abdur Rahman

ملفوظات‌ شاه‌ عبدالرّحم'ن‌

MC No:- 27/7Subject:- Aphorisms

Author:-    Ghulam Haidar

Script:- Nastaliq     Lines:- 17     Folios:- 25Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الذي‌ نوّر قلوب‌ العارفين‌ بنور جماله‌... بعد حمد و صلواة‌ مي‌گويدبندة‌ گنهگار...

Remarks:-    The author stattes in the preface. In he hear of his troubledone the desire to record the good sayings which had beenuttered from the effulgent tongue of the master guide of thefollowers of the shariat who is familiar with the devine secrets,the pole of sayings the howourable master guide Maulavi`Abdur Rahman son of, by the grace of God may hisexistence be prolonged, that with the listening thiscontemptible one, Mir Saiyed, understood.


Adiyah  wa Awrad

(Prayers and Incantations)



Ikhtisaru'l Maqsadu'l Asna fi

Sharh_e_ Asma'ul Husna


اختصار المقصد الاسني‌ في‌ شرح‌ اسماء الحسني‌ (ترجمه‌)

MC No:- 38/9Subject:- Supplication

Author:-    Muhammad Ghazali (d. 505 A.H./1111 A.D.)

Script:- Nastaliq     Lines:- 13     Folios:- 9Language:- Persian

Beginning:-قال‌ رسول‌ الله صلي‌ الله عليه‌ و سلم‌ من‌ احصاها دخل‌ الجنة‌ هر كه‌ اين‌ نامها رامجرد ياد گيرد...

Remarks:-    The work is about the names attributes and properties ofeach of the names of God the great.





MC No:- 32/2Subject:- Supplication

Author:-    Shah Karimullah

Script:- Nastaliq     Lines:- 9      Folios:- 17Language:- Arabic & Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله رب‌ّ العالمين‌ والعاقبة‌ للمتقين‌ والصلوة‌ والسلام‌ علي‌ رسوله‌ محمّدو علي‌ آله‌ و اصحابه‌ اجمعين‌ اما بعد، از امام‌ جعفر صادق‌ رضي‌ الله عنه‌منقولست‌...

Remarks:-    This work is written on the margin.





MC No:- 34/10Subject:- Supplication

Script:- Naskh    Lines:- 11    Folios:- 58Language:- Persian & Arabic

Beginning:-الحمد لله رب‌ّ العالمين‌ والعاقبة‌ للمتقين‌ والصّلوة‌ والسلام‌ علي‌ رسوله‌ محمّدو آله‌ و اصحابه‌ اجمعين‌. بدانكه‌ طريق‌ شيوخ‌ سلف‌ رضوان‌ الله...





MC No:- 43/1Subject:- Supplication

Script:- Naskh      Lines:- 17     Folios:- 125Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-...و من‌ مثلي‌ فاين‌ يكون‌ مثلي‌ و ليس‌ يكون‌ فطلبني‌ تجدني‌...

Remarks:-    Beginning auther end are missing.





MC No:- 44/1Subject:- Supplication

D/o. Inscription:-    1262 A.H.

Script:-    Naskh Nastaliq Shekasteh    Lines:-11    Folios:-58

Language:- Persian & Arabic

Beginning:-الحمد لله رب‌ّ العالمين‌ والعاقبة‌ للمتّقين‌ و الصّلوة‌ و السلام‌ علي‌ رسول‌ محمّدو...بدانكه‌ طريق‌ شيوخ‌ سلف‌ رضوان‌ الله تعالي‌' عليهم‌ اجمعين‌...



Adi`yah Ma'surah

ادعية‌ مأثوره‌

MC No:- 27/6Subject:- Supplication

Author:-    Shah Rauf Ahmad Mujaddidi Naqshbandi

Scribe:-    Muhammad Habibu'llah Murtuza

D/o. Inscription:-    1327 A.H.

Script:- Nastaliq     Lines:- 13     Folios:- 42Language:- Persian

Beginning:-الحمد لله الذي‌ جعل‌ الدعا سلاح‌ المؤمن‌ و عمادالدّين‌ و نور السماوات‌ والارض‌...

Remarks:-    This work records about excellence of prayer, complying withstipulations and complying with the time for prayers asrecorded down by tradition.



Awrad_e_ Fathiyah

اوراد فتحيه‌

MC No:- 44/8Subject:- Supplication

Author:-    Mir Saiyid `Ali Hamadani son of Shehabu'ddin (d. 786 A.H./1384A.D.)

Script:- Naskh      Lines:- 11     Folios:- 58Language:- Persian & Arabic

Beginning:-استغفر الله العظيم‌ استغفر الله العظيم‌ استغفر الله العظيم‌ الذي‌ لا اله‌ الا هو الحي‌ّالقيّوم‌...

Remarks:-    Prayer and incantation with mystical facts and their rules andtraditions.



               Hirzeyamani wa Adi'yah_ e_ Mukhtalefah

حرزيماني‌ و ادعية‌ مختلفه‌

Subject:-    Supplication

Script:- Naskh      Lines:- 9      Folios:- 235Language:- Persian & Arabic

Beginning:-اللهم‌ صل‌ علي‌ محمّد و علي‌ آل‌ محمّد و اصحاب‌ محمّد و علي‌ كل‌ ملك‌ ونبي‌ و بارك‌ و سلم‌...

Remarks:-    This work is written on the margin. Attribution and propertiesof prayers of Hirze yamani and prayers and incantation ofQadri concalenation also has been its appendix.



Dalailu'l Khairat wa Shawariqu'l

Anwar fi Zikris Salat `Alan Nabiyil


                   دلائل‌ الخيرات‌ و شوارق‌ الانوار في‌ ذكرالصّلوة‌ علي‌ النّبي‌ المختار

MC No:- 31/1Subject:- Supplication

Author:-    Abu `Abdu'llah Muhammad S/o Sulaiman al_Jazuli al_Husaini

Script:- Naskh      Lines:- 9      Folios:- 125Language:- Arabic

Beginning:-و صلي‌ الله علي‌ سيّدنا محمّد و آله‌ و صحبه‌ و سلم‌ قال‌ الشيخ‌ الامام‌ الفقيه‌ العالم‌ الولي‌ الصالح‌ سيّدي‌ محمّد بن‌ سليمان‌ الجزولي‌ الحسيني‌...

Remarks:-    Remaining part of the manuscript is in microfilm no. 32/1.



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